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Humidifier B 300

Humidifier B 300


Humidifier B 300, with UV disinfection. Also suitable as air filter. For rooms of up to 600m³.

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B 300

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Details Air Humidifier B300 for comfortable humidification in living spaces and offices... more
Product information "Humidifier B 300"


Air Humidifier B300 for comfortable humidification in living spaces and offices

Operating on the evaporation principle, the Air Humidifier B 300 offers a clean and efficient way to increase air humidity in rooms large and small. Not only is this device high-powered and nearly silent in operation, it kills water and airborne germs through the use of UV rays and purifies air of dirt and dust particles. Compact and lightweight, the Air Humidifier B300 can be used as both a stationary and mobile device thanks to its built-in wheels. The modern and attractive design makes this device easy to incorporate into any design scheme. The Air Humidifier B300 is capable of automatically regulating humidity levels in offices and living spaces up to 600 m³ in an environmentally friendly way due to its energy-efficient design.

The Air Humidifier B300 – modern design and convenient handling

Comprised of only three units - namely the casing, technical unit and water tank - the clever design of the Air Humidifier B300 makes it both easy to use and clean. In addition to an electronic control system, the user-friendly display panel offers you real-time information about current and optimal relative humidity levels, operating mode (manual or automatic) and the water level in the tank. The device is delivered ready-to-use, making it quick and easy to achieve the desired humidity level for your individual comfort. The Air Humidifier B300 doesn’t only provide a comfortable and healthful indoor climate in living spaces, but also protects valuable fixtures and furniture against possible damage from excessively dry air.

The Fan
The fan with auto function – easy switch-off
You can opt between two functions - "manual” or "automatic”. At the manual setting the fan’s performance is adjusted by choosing "high” or "low" or selecting the auto mode. In the latter, the output is controlled electronically; generating a higher or lower output, depending on the requirements of the surrounding air quality.

Air and water purification with germicidal UV-C rays
A clean job
UV-C rays have a sterilizing effect which is highly effective. Consequently, they are already being used extensively in the process of water treatment. The clever configuration of the germicidal UVC lamp in the B 300 allows water in the water reservoir, the drawn-in air, as well as the filter medium to be "UV-C-rayed". The UV-C lamp provides for optimum germicidal intensity producing healthier indoor air. This procedure is completely ozone-free and imposes no health risks.

Air cleaning
Clean all around

An additional air filter in the air intake duct of the fan filters out dust and other particles. Afterwards the air is passed through water and exhausted back into the room through the evaporator filter, which ensures additional air cleaning. In combination with the intensive disinfecting through the UV-C-lamp, an efficient air treatment has been made possible that ensures even cleaner air.

The Waterlevel indicator
The reservoir doesn´t have to be removed. The control panel informs you about the humidifier’s water level. If the reservoir is empty, the humidifier will shut off automatically and a flashing light will signal that the reservoir must be refilled.

Humidity control
No more worries

You can leave it to the control system. You can set the humidity level by pressing "+” or "-". The humidifier operates until the selected level is reached and then shuts off automatically. If the humidity level falls below the one originally selected, the humidifier unit switches back on.

The Display:

Keeps you informed at all times: The display situated on the external surface of the humidifier B 300 keeps you informed at any time. It shows the current relative humidity level in the room, the level of the water reservoir, and the selected fan performance.

The keypad lock

Safe is safe: if the air humidifier is operating in a publicly accessible space, safety is essential; especially with children around. The B 300 comes with a special safety feature. The keypad of the control panel can be locked by simultaneously pressing the keys "plus” (+), "minus” (-) and "fan” (Air), the keypad will be locked and the settings can only be changed, by again pressing the key combination.


Dimensions (W x H x D) 74 x 70,5 x 41 cm
Weight (empty) approx. 19 kg
Electric supply 230V / 50Hz
Performance intake max 58 Watt
Evaporation performance max. 1,4 ltr./h
Air flow 600 m³/h
Supply connection 2 m
Operating noise 32-40 dBA (depending on blower setting)
Water supply approx. 25 ltr.
Color silver-grey
Safety Mark CE
Use for rooms up to 600 m³



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