Humidifier B 260


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Special equipment B 260

For hooking up the unit to the water mains.

Closes the water supply to the unit if the connected sensor, placed underneath the unit, comes into contact with water.

Facilitates the connection between unit and water mains.

Collects leaked water, and allows the sensor (if one is placed inside) to react more quickly.

Necessary for combined operation with dehumidifiers HP 25 or HP 50.

Using the WLAN/Wifi system, the devices can additionally be monitored and controlled remotely via the Brune Control App using a smartphone.

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Product number: 2060
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Product information "Humidifier B 260"

Humidifier B 260: robust, durable, easy to use

The disc evaporator B 260 convinces with its robust outer housing made of painted sheet steel and the high-quality
plastic elements, which additionally enhance the humidifier and give the product a high durability.


Simply clean

In the B 260 humidifier, the ambient air is drawn in from the room via a special air filter. This pre-cleans it, which helps to reduce pollution of the air and the inside of the unit and thus supports clean operation. The air is then passed through a rotating, moist evaporative filter disc, which is very robust against dirt due to the special material. At the same time,
the surface structure of the evaporation filter disc ensures a particularly large evaporation surface (3 m²) due to its special design and thus produces a high, uniform and energy-efficient evaporation according to the cold evaporation principle. In the process, the moisture is released into the room air in gaseous form and foreign substances such as limescale or
dirt remain in the unit.



The structured design of the unit makes maintenance work child’s play. The front grille can be easily removed to the front, thus providing quick access to the evaporative filter disc and the water tank, which can then be pulled out to the front. This allows the tank and the filter to be transported to a sink for cleaning without much effort. The air filter can also be
easily removed and replaced by removing the rear grille. This allows you to carry out maintenance work on the unit quickly and without the use of tools, which supports hygienic and long-lasting operation.



The control panel of the B 260 provides quick and clear information about the current humidity in the room, the set fan speed and the fill level of the water tank. If there is no more water in the tank, the unit switches off automatically and signals this to the user by a flashing LED.


Convinving Arguments

  • Fast commissioning without installation effort
  • Operation with normal tap water
  • Humidification without precipitation and no limescale on furnishings and fittings
  • high evaporative capacity
  • Electronic control with percentage-accurate humidity measurement and automatic switch-off
    with empty water tank
  • Simple operation with the option of setting the target humidity and the fan speed
  • Robust filter due to special filter foam
  • Pre-cleaning of the air by separate filter in the intake area


Optional accessories

Radio humidity transmitter

Optionally, the B 260 can be equippedwith a Radio humidity transmitter. This increases the measuring accuracy and enables the combination with other humidifiers and dehumidifiers from Brune.


WLAN/Wifi modul

The B 260 humidifier also scores points when it comes to flexibility. Thanks to a supplementary wifi module and the corresponding app, the unit can be controlled and monitored remotely. In addition, the humidifier can be controlled and climate values saved by logging into our Brune web database.


Automatic water feed

This allows you to connect the B 260 directly to the water pipe. This not only saves you having
to fill the water tank manually, but also enables uninterrupted continuous operation.

We recommend using the safety accessories in combination with the automatic water
feed. Please inform yourself about this.

Air flow: 500 m³/h
Dimensions (WxHxD): 60 x 67 x 30 cm
Electric supply: 220-240 V / 50/60Hz
Evaporation performance: max. 1,1 ltr./h
Operating noise: approx. 30-50 dB(A) (depending on blower level)
Performance intake: approx. 65 Watt
Safety Mark: CE
Use for rooms up to: 500 m³
Water tank capacitiy: approx. 20 ltr.
weight (empty): approx. 18,4 kg

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