Humidifier B 280


Special equipment B 280

UV-C rays kill a large percentage of germs and bacteria within the unit.

For hooking up the unit to the water mains.

Necessary for combined operation with dehumidifiers HP 25 or HP 50.

Closes the water supply to the unit if the connected sensor, placed underneath the unit, comes into contact with water.

Facilitates the connection between unit and water mains.

Collects leaked water, and allows the sensor (if one is placed inside) to react more quickly.

Using the WLAN/Wifi system, the devices can additionally be monitored and controlled remotely via the Brune Control App using a smartphone.
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Product number: 6500.1
Weight: 17 kg
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Product information "Humidifier B 280"

The B 280 at a glance

Healthy living and working in optimum air humidity: warm air can hold more moisture than cold air. Therefore, the percentage of moisture in ambient air is expressed as the % of relative humidity – a relative humidity of approx. 50-60% is considered to be optimal. In living spaces a temperature of 20-23°C is considered to be ideal, while the ideal room temperature in the bedroom is max. 18°C and for the workplace it is 18-23°C. Particularly in wintertime, a constantly comfortable humidity can be reached by humidification of the indoor air.


Key benefits:

• electronic control

• ready for use – stationary or mobile – without installation

• clear control panel with display of the water level, fan speeds, ionization operation and the actual and desired humidity in 1% steps

• durable, corrosion free and easy-to-clean plastic housing

• adjustable air vents on top

• hinged control panel

• low power consumption

• high reliability through 24-volt operation

• low noise emissions

• air-cleansing through separate pre-filter and ionization

• 8-stage fan with additional automatic function

• high evaporation performance through large filter surface

• suitable for tap water and purified water

• humidification without precipitation and scale deposits in the room


Typical examples:

• Living rooms

• Offices

• Music rooms

• Libraries

• Museums

• Galleries

• Data processing rooms

• Call centers

• Laboratories

• Archives

• Print shops

• Hospitals



The humidifier B 280 works on the principle of cold evaporation. It is generally recognized that this manner of operation is best suited for humidifiers. The air is sucked in through a special dust filter at the rear panel and thereby pre-cleaned. Then it passes through the humidification filter, where it is being enriched with plenty of moisture due to the large evaporation surface. Finally, the humidified air exits through the exhaust opening at the front, back into the room. In addition, various other exhaust openings on top of the unit can be opened, providing a more directed distribution of moist air.


The B 280 has nine - eight manual and one automatic - air fan levels available. In automatic mode, the unit adjusts the speed – and thus the humidification – automatically to the current needs: the larger the difference between the actual and desired humidity, the faster the fan will work. If the actual humidity approaches the set value, the automatic mode reduces its performance accordingly. Alternatively, eight manual speed settings can be used; these offer the user the opportunity to adapt the performance and the noise level of the B 280 to your individual needs.


The control panel of the B 280 offers you fast access to the functions of the unit and informs at a glance about the current situation: humidity value, fan mode, water level (full or empty) and ionization (on or off) are displayed and can be set. In addition, the very clearly designed control panel can be positioned in such a way, that controlling the display becomes even more comfortable.

Moisture Control

The B 280 has an internal moisture sensor, which constantly measures the current humidity and then displays the value percent accurately on the display. After adjusting the desired nominal humidity value, the device adopts the control autonomously and ensures that the desired value is reached. In the event that particularly accurate humidity values are required, the B 280 is optionally available with a separate humidistat.


The concentration of ions as well as the ratio between positively and negatively charged ions in the ambient air contributes to the air quality. With the ionization of the B 280 you can therefore enhance the quality of the air and thus the wellbeing. Since dust particles accumulate at the ions, the ionization also cleans the air.

Water level indicator

The unit monitors the filling level of the water tank. Once it is empty, the unit switches off automatically and informs by an indicator on the control panel that water must be refilled.

Keyboard lock

The B 280 has a keypad lock, which can be activated by means of a hotkey and disables input on the control panel. This way, intentional or accidental changes of the set parameters by unauthorised persons can be prevented.


The evaporation filters of the B 280 are made of special filter foam, which has a particularly large evaporative surface due to its porous structure. This ensures the significantly high evaporation performance of the B 280.


Optionally, the B 280 is available with an automatic water supply, which enables connection of the unit to a water pipe. This eliminates having to manually fill the unit with water. For safety reasons, we recommend the use of appropriate safety accessories as well (water monitor, safety pressure hose and safety collection reservoir).

For high-precision humidity value measurements in the room, the B 280 is also available with a wireless sensor system. The humidistat can be placed anywhere in the room and transmits the moisture readings to the unit. Moreover, this system allows a combined operation of the B 280 and the HP 50 dehumidifier.

As another option, the B 280 humidifier is available with a UV-C lamp for disinfection. The central position of the lamp makes that the water in the tank, the secondary air, and the inner evaporative filter are subjected to UV-C rays, creating a germ-reducing effect.

NOTE: Some discoloration may occur around the UV lamp. This does in no way impair the function or the structure of the unit, and thus does not constitute a fault.

Air flow: 500 m³/h
DC input: 24 V; 2,5 A
Dimensions (WxHxD): 64,5 x 66,5 x 29,5 cm
Electric supply: 100-240 V; 50/60 Hz
Evaporation performance: max. 1,2 ltr./h
Operating noise: approx. 32-44 dB(A) (depending on blower level)
Performance intake: approx. 45 Watt
Safety Mark: CE
Use for rooms up to: max. 180 m² and max. 500 m³
Water tank capacitiy: approx. 25 ltr.
weight (empty): approx. 14 kg

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