Humidifier B 600


Special equipment

UV-C rays kill a large percentage of germs and bacteria in the water. Due to the lime transformation, less limescale deposits occur in the unit.

For hooking up the unit to the water mains.

For hooking up the unit to the water mains (requires supply and drain lines). The cleaning system flushes the residual water out of the tank in certain intervals.

Will be placed underneath the device and turns it off if the sensor gets in contact with water.

Closes the water supply to the unit if the connected sensor, placed underneath the unit, comes into contact with water.

Collects leaked water, and allows the sensor (if one is placed inside) to react more quickly.

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Product number: 1006.2
Weight: 28 kg
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Product information "Humidifier B 600"

Humidifier B 600 professional: Mobile professional large-capacity humidifier for the highest demands.

Its structured design, the use of high-quality materials and high performance make the B 600 humidifier a reference in the mobile humidification segment. Its extensive range of accessories makes it flexible, easy to use and ready for immediate use without any major installation effort.

The further development of the B 500, appreciated by customers all over the world, also effortlessly meets professional requirements and supports them in maintaining constant climate conditions.

Via the WLAN/Wifi system built in as standard, the units can additionally be controlled and operated remotely via the Brune Control App using a smartphone.

With the app, you can switch the humidifier on and off, set the humidity and fan levels, receive error messages and much more. The app is available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play Store.




The use of the radio humidity measurement system makes the B 600 a true team player.

It can be operated together with other humidifiers and dehumidifiers from Brune via a common radio humidity transmitter. The devices thus receive the identical measured value.

Due to this overlap-free interaction of the devices, a humidity control system can be created by combining humidifiers and dehumidifiers. This allows a desired humidity corridor to be created in the room.

In addition, the devices can be monitored and controlled remotely via the standard built-in Wlan/Wifi system.

UV disinfection and lime conversion:

UV technology produces a short-wave light that destroys the cell structures of most microorganisms and germs, killing them. In the B 600, the humidifier water is permanently pumped through a stainless steel body in which a UV low-pressure lamp, protected by a quartz glass, has been installed. This creates a thin layer of water between the quartz glass and the stainless steel body, which is irradiated and sterilized very intensively and effectively due to the short distance to the lamp. The purified water is then returned to the water circuit and fed directly to the evaporation filter via the lime conversion cartridge.

The lime conversion cartridge uses permanent magnets to generate a magnetic field that changes the molecular structure of the lime in such a way that it is less likely to be deposited on surfaces in the unit. In this way, the evaporation filter is permanently supplied with clean, decalcified water with reduced germs.

Hygienic operation through air filtration:

Before the air is fed into the unit, it is pre-cleaned by filtering out dust and particles already in the intake area. Different filter types (coarse dust, F 7 and H 10) are available for this purpose. In addition to the general air improvement, the pre-cleaning supports the hygienic operation of the humidifier.

During the evaporation process itself, minerals and lime from the water remain in the evaporation filter of the unit.
This prevents lime deposits on furnishings. Regular replacement of the filters supports the function and trouble-free operation of the device. The adjustable filter change indicator supports you in this.

In winter operation, at the customer's request, the air filtration can be reduced by using the coarse dust filter in favor of the evaporation capacity. However, we recommend the use of the class F 7 filter in combination with the coarse
with the coarse dust prefilter.

In summer operation, the humidification function in the operating display can then be deactivated and the B 600 used for air purification. In this case, the use of the higher pre-filter classes (coarse dust in combination with Hepa H 10) and the use of the activated charcoal filter as a replacement for the evaporative filter is recommended. The activated carbon filter additionally absorbs odorous and gaseous substances and thus additionally increases the quality of the air. Please note, however, that the activated carbon filter is not suitable for evaporative operation!

Even more comfortable in connecting:

The B 600 works with normal tap water or also with treated water. By using a new float technology, the water level measurement of the B 600 works independently of the water quality. Furthermore, the B 600 uses modern quick coupling systems for connection to the water or wastewater network, which allows easy installation or deinstallation without tools.

These innovations promise reliable operation and easy handling of the direct water connection. Manual refilling is eliminated, making operation even more convenient. Water is supplied via an electronically controlled solenoid valve that opens when the minimum water level is reached and stops the water supply at a preset maximum level.

An automatic flushing device is also available as an option for the B 600 Professional. This gives you the option of simply replacing the water in the tank, thereby reducing limescale and dirt deposits. The residual water is pumped out of the tank via a separate flushing pump and automatically replaced by fresh water using the direct water connection. You can trigger the rinsing process yourself via the touch display of the B 600 or program an automatic rinsing interval.

The flushing pump can also be used as a safety pump. If the alarm level is exceeded, it pumps out the excess water until the normal level is reached again. In addition, a warning tone sounds and is shown on the display.

Easy operation thanks to a modern display:

The modern touch display informs you about the operating parameters such as current relative humidity, room temperature, fan level, maintenance indicators or warning messages. Due to the language selection options, there are several languages to choose from, which significantly increases the comfort.

In addition, you can switch to further submenus and make various settings yourself (timer, radio coding, maintenance intervals, pin assignment, Wlan/Wifi settings). Thus you can program the B 600 according to your own ideas and adapt it to your circumstances.

Air flow: 900 m³/h
Dimensions (WxHxD): 85 x 63 x 39 cm
Electric supply: 220-240 V / 50/60Hz
Evaporation performance: max. 2,6 ltr./h
Operating noise: approx. 32-58 dB(A) (depending blower level)
Use for rooms up to: 420 m² / 1000 m³
Water tank capacitiy: approx. 50 ltr.
weight (empty): approx. 28 kg

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