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Product number: 9040
Weight: 1 kg
Product information "WebControl"

The BRUNE Ethernet Module WebControl, which is the latest development from BRUNE, enables you to connect your B 500 humidifier to your local network or directly to your PC. This allows you to conveniently control your humidifier from your desk. The humidifier is linked up to the BRUNE Ethernet Module via an RS232 connection. The BRUNE Ethernet Module is then connected to your local network via an RJ54 connection or directly to your PC via a crossover cable.

Using a common web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer), you can enter the necessary settings via the integrated user interface (e.g. add the desired moisture value or change the fan level on the device) and read the most important operating data such as the actual air moisture value, water level and error messages.

You will only require the following for the installation of the BRUNE Ethernet Module WebControl:

  • A power point near your humidifier (two-way adapter for the humidifier)
  • A network socket near your humidifier1
  • A PC with installed web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer)
  • RS232 cable, patch cable1, crossover cable2

1 Only when connecting to a local network

2 Only when directly connecting to a PC

The BRUNE Ethernet Module WebControl enables you to:

  • Connect your humidifier to your local network or PC
  • Monitor and control remotely located devices via your PC
  • Operate difficult-to-access devices in a simple way.

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