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Dehumidifier Dehumid HP 25


Available, delivery time: 2-5 days¹

Special equipment HP 25

Necessary for combined operation with humidifiers B 280 or B 500.

Pumps the condensate out of the tank into a drain, sink, or similar, so that the tank doesn´t have to be emptied manually.

Using the WLAN/Wifi system, the devices can additionally be monitored and controlled remotely via the Brune Control App using a smartphone.
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Product number: 8025
Manufacturer: Brune
Weight: 25 kg
**Final prices may differ, due to possible recalculations in the shopping cart.
**Final prices may differ, due to possible recalculations in the shopping cart.
Product information "Dehumidifier Dehumid HP 25"

Despite its compact shape, the HP 25 presents high performance results.

Whether in the basement, living area, exhibition room, archive or garage, the HP 25 adapts perfectly to the room situation. With its functional and qualitative appearance, you can easily use the HP 25 dehumidifier in a variety of situations.
With its dehumidification capacity of up to 25 litres in 24 hours, the dehumidifier is extremely powerful and can therefore be used in rooms up to 250 m³. In line with this performance requirement, care was taken in component selection to achieve an optimum balance between performance and low-noise operation.
The strong, plastic-coated steel housing provides it with its high quality and robust appearance.

By using a professional control system and high-quality components, even challenging requirements can be met.

An electronic automatic defrosting system as well as a level monitoring of the water tank with automatic switch off are of course included in the scope of the equipment. In addition, the HP 25 enables extremely precise operation of the dehumidifier due to the use of a high-quality humidity sensor, as well as the percentage-accurate setting of the desired target humidity.

Radio-humidity system

As a further option, a radio-humidity system is available, whereby the measuring accuracy can be increased once again, as the measurement is done at a distance from the device and is therefore not influenced by the function of the dehumidifier itself. This wireless system can also be used in combination with the humidifiers B 280 or B 600, providing a complete humidification and dehumidification solution for a room.

If needed, the HP 25 can be equipped with an automatic condensate pump, or operated with a direct drain.

Air flow: 500 m³/h
Application area: +5 - 32°C / 35-90% r.F.
Dehumidification performance: approx. 12 ltr./24h at 20°C/60% r.h. --- 25 ltr./24h at 32°C/80% r.h.
Dimensions (WxHxD): 33 x 56 x 35,5 cm
Electric supply: 230V / 50Hz
Operating noise: approx. 42 - 45 dB(A) (depending on blower setting)
Performance intake: approx. 570 Watt
Refrigerant: R 290
Safety Mark: CE
Water tank capacitiy: approx. 6,5 ltr.
weight (empty): approx. 25 kg

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