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Humidor Klima


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Product number: humidor-klima
Manufacturer: Brune
Product information "Humidor Klima"

Humidor ‘Klima’: Multi-functional climate control cabinet for Cigars

The humidor ‘Klima’ can accommodate and store 1200 cigars with the ideal humidity and temperature.  Controlled through a central electronic control system, the humidor ‘Klima’ provides a combination of humidification, aeration, and cooling. Another safety criterion to ensure appropriate levels is a sophisticated sensor in the humidor ‘Klima’, which measures all the appropriate values and adjusts the controls accordingly. This way constant humidity and temperature are guaranteed and fluctuations minimized, which protects the tobacco aroma of the cigars. These measurements also include an indicator for when the water supply needs to be refilled.  The outer walls and glass front window of this high quality humidor are insulated, which reduces the energy required for operation. LEDs are an energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source that makes it possible to operate the humidor in an energy-efficient manner.  

Humidor ‘Klima’ - Functionality meets design  

The correct climate control for cigars does not just protect the tobacco aroma, but ensures a smooth pull , even burning, and a pleasant tobacco flavour without bitter influences. The humidor ‘Klima’ fulfils the highest standards when it comes to optimal climate control. Furthermore, a tastefully designed exterior complements the innovative technology of climate control. The humidor has a naturally finished cedar interior and four movable shelves. The exterior body of the humidor is a genuine wood finish with black veneer, which is an exceptional accent in any space.   Notice: The cigar boxes shown in the picture are not part of the standard delivery scope but are available on request. Illustration similar.  

Visual appearance

The high-quality black exterior, combined with fine cedar wood inside makes the humidor "Klima" a veritable eye-catcher, leaving a permanent visual impression.  


The BRUNE humidor "Klima" has a full air conditioning unit with cooling, humidification and venting, centrally controlled by an electronics system. Measuring probes inside the humidor continually determine the current values, while the control automatically regulates the technical systems to maintain a constant climate. It will even tell you if you have to refill the water reservoir. We also considered the environment: outer wall insulation and the insulating glass pane in the front door reduce energy demand to a minimum. Optionally, LEDs create an environmentally friendly, energy-saving light without negatively influencing the climate by heat development.

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