Brune humidifier to increase the humidity in your room.

BRUNE humidifiers: suitable for private homes as well as firms and public institutions.


Humidifiers are booming especially in winter – in private surroundings as well as in offices and show rooms. That is because people are especially comfortable at humidity levels between 50 and 60 percent.

Regular heating doesn´t only cause warm, but also very dry ambient air which irritates the eyes and the respiratory system. The personal wellbeing suffers.

Pieces of art also have special requirements as to their surroundings. Apart from external influences – like light incidence – the climatic conditions at the exhibition or storage location play a part in saving values or causing damage.

BRUNE humidifiers provide a remedy. They utilize special evaporation filters that also clean the ambient air. In addition, they are easy to use and use only small amounts of power. Thus BRUNE humidifiers provide optimum climatic conditions in a simple way, while at the same time increasing the personal wellbeing.


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