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Humidor Prestige 1



Product number: humidor-prestige-1
Manufacturer: Brune
Product information "Humidor Prestige 1"

Humidor Prestige 1: A top class humidor

The humidor Prestige 1 can provide up to 700 cigars with an optimal climate for storage. The humidity and temperature can be regulated individually in the cabinet, so that constant conditions with only the smallest possible fluctuations in the humidor are possible. Cigars can be stored for years without losing their characteristic aroma.  The extra insulation of the outer walls helps make the climate control process more energy efficient.  The humidor Prestige 1 is equipped with sophisticated sensors and measurement controls, a powerful humidifier and a special cooling and heating element. Optimal humidity and a naturally finished cedar interior support the maturation of a cigar’s aroma. You can preset the humidity and climate conditions yourself with the clearly laid out control panel on the humidor Prestige 1.


Targeted climate control for the preservation of valuable cigars

With the humidor Prestige 1 by your side you will enjoy the benefits of this cabinet, which has a very efficient, low-maintenance and environmentally friendly heating and cooling unit (coolant-free). If the humidity rises too much the air will be pulled out of the humidor through a ventilator to avoid high humidity. With the help of sensors, the humidity and temperature are constantly measured and the fully automatic electronic control system ensures that the preset values are maintained. The large water tank allows the powerful humidifier to operate over longer periods of time, e.g. when you are on holiday. The Zapper system protects against tobacco beetles, and the UV glass window on the top of the cabinet prevents damage caused by overexposure to light, rounding out this luxurious device. The attractive humidor Prestige 1 unifies high technological standards with tasteful design.

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